business centers 
office buildings
shopping centers
warehouses, etc.

Real Estate
Investment Trust (REIT)

is a joint-stock company engaged solely in investment in real estate and other assets as permitted by the applicable laws. Assets of the trust may include various classes of commercial real estate providing rental income, as well as associated equipment, land plots, and securities

Tax benefits – 100% optimization of the corporate income tax on:

1. Investment income from rent flows; 
2. Capital gains on the Trust’s shares in case of sale via Kazakhstan Stock Exchange platform

Assets liquidity:

1. At least 90 % of net income is paid to shareholders through monthly/quarterly dividends; 
2. Shares can be sold at KASE at the fair value.

Other advantages:

1. open and transparent activity; 
2. access to additional financing by listing at KASE; 
3. improving the efficiency of commercial real estate management
 through the separation of operating and investment activity.

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