We offer consulting and support services in arranging debt financing and bonds issues. 
Through our professional vision, rich experience and qualitative investors base the clients gain an access to the most efficient financial solutions in any special case. 
We would also be pleased to assist your esteemed company in liabilities management  

Advantages of bond issues:

- Flexible terms: the issuer establishes the volume, maturity, coupon and payment order
- Attraction of significant capital without a need for collateral
- Debt volume and cost management using buybacks and early repayment / secondary placements
- Independence: access to large amount of investors at the stock exchange excludes concentration of each single creditor’s influence


Analyze your company’s activity and offer optimal issue parameters based on that analysis;  
Prepare  all necessary documents for  registration of the securities issue with the regulator;
Ensure appropriate interaction with the Stock Exchange and the Regulator during securities issue registration and listing;
Assist  in obtaining a rating for securities issue or the Issuer ;
Prepare a complete set of documents for potential investors including investment memo, and initiate the negotiations with potential investors 
Hold  securities road-show; 
Offer market-maker services;
Provide high quality of legal support related to the issues of securities trading at the secondary market and delivers required reports to the Stock Exchange and the Regulator