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General information

Teniz Capital Investment Banking was founded in 1997 for providing the best tailor-made financial solutions for each investor. eniz Capital Investment Banking is among the stock exchange leaders due to its innovative management, effective fiduciary services, active trading operations, and investment banking. Our young professional team of experts ready for innovations ensures the creation of proper values within the company, which allows achieving high corporate efficiency and competitiveness. The Teniz brand is an independent non-banking finance house with the established positive history and successful business reputation.

Regular investment in services development allows improving the customer-oriented policy of the company and the service quality. The company has set up a successful online trading platform STrade as part of the RESMI on-line Broker product. The company has also worked hard to improve its internal processes which are primarily designed to protect the Clients' interests. Teniz Capital Investment Banking implemented the four-eyed principle, optimized its risk management policy and improved its analytical unit.

In the middle of October 2011, the company integrated a transformation model aimed at timely exit from non-profitable projects, which allowed focusing on the economically advantageous areas.

Teniz Capital Investment Banking today is a wide range of financial services, diversified and demanded product line, balanced portfolio, professional staff, own analytical service, and innovative management. The company is among the stock exchange leaders due to its active trading and investment banking operations involving Wealth Management principles. Teniz Capital Investment Banking has established itself as a reputable finance expert.

We regularly receive honorable titles and take top places in different rankings. The company has received EUROMONEY honorable prizes such as "The Best Investment House in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, "Leader of the Corporate Bonds Exchange Market", "Leader of the Shares Exchange Market", "Leader of REPO Transactions Market", "Leading Financial Consultant" (2008), certificate Cbonds III awarded to the “Monetnyi Dvor” Interval Mutual Fund for being "The Most Popular Mutual Fund in 2010".

Teniz Capital Investment Banking has been providing professional brokerage services at the securities market for over 20 years and holds the following licenses: License No. 0401201264 issued on October 5, 2006, for brokerage and dealer activity in the securities market with the right to administer clients' accounts as the nominal holder; License No. 0403200520 re-issued on July 1, 2014, (earlier – License No. 0403200520, issued on October 5, 2006) for investment portfolio management; License of stock exchange brokers and stock exchange dealers No. 0145512 issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 22, 2010.